Metropolis Live - Film Concert & Livestream

Friday 13 May 2022 7:30 pm (CET)
Cinema Center Bären, Böblingen (Germany)

for the support of artists in Ukraine
Event Poster

Antonio Bras sets Fritz Lang's silent film masterpiece to a completely new soundtrack. Through the live use of samples, mixes, synthesizer and drum machine, he transports the aesthetics of the film into the 21st century and emphasises its topicality.

As part of the benefit event, the Böblingen cinemas, the Böblingen District Media Centre and the ejw, together with musician Antonio Bras, present the film concert on Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS.

Those who are prevented from attending on Friday, 13 May at 7:30 pm (CET), or who can no longer obtain tickets for the cinema, have the opportunity to watch the film concert via video on demand for up to 24 hours after the event with a ticket for the livestream.

The worldwide livestream will be broadcast parallel to the film concert directly from the cinema in Böblingen WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Come to the live‐event or watch it at home and help the Ukrainian artists!

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Filmzentrum Bären
Kreismedienzetrum Böblingen
Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg
ejw - Evangelisches Jugendwerk Böblingen
Kreissparkasse Böblingen
Optiker Mezger Sindelfingen
Rotbühl Apotheke Sindelfingen
Sim TV – Kinderfilmakademie e.V.

Siegfried Barth, Boris Böhne, GogoSpace, Martin Hertel, Antje Hofer, Eveline Hohenbichler, Leo Lyons, Christian Plötz, Bertina Schulze-Mittendorff, Thomas Wersal & The Universe.